Saturday, September 14, 2013

So do you like my pond?

Yup, that's what I asked Phil after I got off of work and he said he had never even looked at it...and by then it was dark.
So the next day I came home and said, "So did you like my pond?" and he said, "No" and I thought I had...misheard... and I said, "What?" and he said, "No." .......and it must have been something in the way I looked at him because he quickly said, "It needs more plants around it."
So to clean up what I said back to him," No kidding....", ok, there is no way to clean up the rest but suffice to say, he understood that it would take time for me to collect up what plants that I wanted around it and to make it as nice as I wanted it to be :) In defense, I was tired and I have wanted a pond for a long time and love it already.
But today I felt like I had to get more things to make it look nicer so I struggled with getting one of those big bags of mulch on my cart at the store. I am not a weak person and move 50 lb bags of feed all the time but these things are wet and really, really heavy to move but I managed it (and later about killed myself trying to get it in the trunk...but I managed it!). At another store they had pretty little miniature rose bushes on sale an I seem to have a thing for roses lately and I got one. Later I stopped at the fish store to get the fish. The fish store lady loves me (what's not to love, I have 4 aquariums, a frog tank and a betta bowl and now a pond). She had a koi with lots of babies so I got 20 (yes, I know that is too many but did you know you can eat koi?) and she gave me 23 for just $ .70 each. Can't beat that. Seriously if it gets to be too much, I'll give my friend a few. She has a much bigger pond.
I got home put the groceries away while the fish were acclimating in their plastic bag in the pond. Then I got out there and let them go and got to putting that mulch around it and planting the rose bush (I still haven't planted the three from last week--but I know where I want to plant steps.. Oh and I managed to cut the power cord than ran everything outside with the first shovel full of dirt--I thought it was a root- but I am thinking that since that cord has been there a good 10 years or so that it was probably time to change it anyway--which I did).
Phil came home with a surprise in his truck. He had gone to do a job and when he got there could  not get in the house he was supposed to work on and then when looking through the window found that the job was not ready for him anyway. However, he did find a bunch of sod in the dumpster! Apparently, they finished the lawn and had some left.
We put it around the pond and watered it in good and will have to keep watering it because even grass doesn't root in this clay easily. Michelle says the pond now looks like our little oasis in the backyard. I agree but we do plan on getting some hay so we can spread some more grass seed and hopefully get more growing.

Maybe you can see the fish in this one.


  1. Hi Becky! How fortunate to get free sod! And yes, I LOVE your pond! It has totally been transformed since your last post! Have a great weekend! Blessings from Bama!

    1. Yeah, it STill needs a lot more plants around it but I remember when my friend put hers in. Hers is a hard bottomed one and they could not dig down far enough to get it all in (I mean it needed like a foot more!)and I thought it looked like crap, lol. But she kept putting rocks around it and lots and lots of plants and now you can't even see that the pond is not really in the ground. I just got more hosta seeds and fountain grass seeds are coming (will wait until it is a bit cooler to plant them),and I now have iris bulbs, paper whites and ranunculus roots. :)

  2. Becky,

    I love your pond, the rocks, plants, grass, and fish. This is going to look beautiful, I can see you and your husband sitting outside enjoying the view with a glass of tea when totally finished.

    1. Funny thing is that we almost never sit outside unless we are bbq-ing and then it is only when it is cooking. I guess it is because it is just too hot here and when it is cooler the mosquitoes are terrible. We do need to spend more time outside though.

  3. Becky your pond looks great. I wouldn't mind having that in my backyard. Tell Phil the plants will grow and it will look like your pond has always been there. Well done.