Saturday, July 6, 2013


The greenhouse and the pens beside it are part of what fences in the yard. Last night the hog broke through the chain link fence on the back of the pen that attaches to the greenhouse. She then broke through the plastic side of the greenhouse and broke through the door of the greenhouse which would have put her in the back yard again but for some reason she didn't go in the back yard. I don't know if something scared her or what. Phil did let the dogs out at 3:00 a.m. which may have scared her off. Anyway, this morning when Phil was looking over the damage he saw two kittens in the very back corner of the greenhouse. Unfortunately, there is a layer of chicken wire about 2 ft tall around the greenhouse under the plastic and then another layer over the plastic (except of course on the side with the pen as I never thought I would need it on that side) and the kittens were between the inside wire and the plastic. Somehow the mama had got them up and over the wire. I cannot go up and over the wire because there is a built in wooden table on those two sides of the greenhouse and there are pens built under the table (they aren't used anymore). I know, confusing, but suffice to say, we had to cut the plastic above the wire and reach down into the corner to get the babies out.
Mama was quite relieved and happy to come inside with them. Michelle's bed makes a much nicer place to have babies. We only found two and I hope that is all she had. I will get better pictures later. I don't know how long they were stuck behind the wire and didn't want to disturb them once they got to suckling on the mama (that one has always just been called Mama Kitty even though this is her first litter).