Monday, July 1, 2013

Honey or Sugar?

One of my co-workers has gotten into eating more naturally and has cut a lot of foods out of her diet including sugar. We have been kind of sharing ideas back and forth and I mentioned the homemade yogurt but it, of course, has sugar in it so I told her I would try it with honey and see how we liked it. Normally I use a third of a cup of sugar per quart jar so I used a third of a cup of honey in one jar instead.
Instructions for how to make yogurt using your crock pot are here.  Now it does take dry milk as well as regular milk, although I am not sure how important it is. I was told it made the yogurt set up better and mine has always been nice and thick but I have never tried it without it so don't know how thin it might be without it.
So anyway, I taste tested this morning and, frankly, I really can't taste any difference between the two, which was rather surprising. I expected one would have that honey taste to it but if it does it is very faint.
Now I am off to the store to get some bananas and a few other things. I am told they are quite good frozen.

One side note: Yesterday I tried to eat really well. I stayed away from the sugar for the most part (except the plum sauce on the ribs we had last night), drank water, did not snack all day, took that walk with Phil and lost 2.2 lbs. :) Now there is some incentive to eat healthy!


  1. Good to know - thanks. Don't throw away the banana skins - rather put them in your freezer and when you get an itchy insect bite, rub the banana skin on it and it will soothe it. They also make ideal shoe polishers LOL

  2. I don't use sugar in my yogurt when I make it. I also don't use the dry milk but my yogurt isn't very thick. I put so many things in my yogurt so the thickness doesn't matter. I use a half gallon of whole milk and a small container of Greek yogurt to make it. I used to use a small container of just plain yogurt but I can't get that here so I had to switch to Greek. I didn't have as much luck with using my own yogurt as a starter so I switched to using store bought for that. I'll have to check out that recipe. I use Splenda to sweeten when I eat it. I know all about how horrible Splenda is but we both use it so I guess we are killing ourselves. I can't afford sugar or honey calories in my yogurt with all the cereal and fruit and nuts I use.

    1. I can't get a small container of plain yogurt here either. I have to use the larger one of Dannon All Natural and then most of it goes to waste because no one wants to eat it after I make the good homemade yogurt. I can make it again from my own yogurt but it means I have to make yogurt every weekend and that just doesn't always work for me.

  3. I've never made yogurt. My parents used to and it was just plain milk and some yogurt for the starter. I've never really been a fan of yogurt until I discovered Greek yogurt. That I so love, but not as a dish to eat, but as something for dips or to top dress soups.

  4. My mom has been doing a diet designed by nutritionist Haylie Pomroy. It's a 28 day detox/eating habit readjustment. She has lost a lot of weight and she likes the diet. It is basically eating super healthy but she is one of those people that needs a menu in order to follow through.

    I love honey and think it is actually sweeter than sugar so I tend to use less when baking.

  5. Hi Becky! The yogurt sounds yummy! I just can't eat it because of lactose intolerance. Congrats on finding your way of being healthier! I'm buckling down again, too! Blessings from Bama!

  6. My plans for next weekend are to make the yogurt! Im excited!