Monday, March 12, 2012


You would think that carrying feed sacks and gardening and whatnot would be exercise enough but apparently not because I have gained another 4 lbs. Can't let that happen so now that hunting season is over we have to start walking again. We do, however, have a very pleasant place to walk. Across the dirt road there is a path to the lake from our house.
Romeo really, really enjoys going to the lake.
You can't see it but about half way down the path in the  picture is a split in the path. We used to take the right path because it was longer but since the last few storms we now have to take the straight path because of this:
There are a lot of downed trees these last few years. Some are rather pretty. 
 Are we there yet? Not quite but you can see the lake from here. 
This was on one of the rotten logs.
Finally at the lake. Our part of the lake is actually where a creek used to run into the lake before they dammed it and flooded it. When the lake is really far down it turns back into a creek . I have only seen that happen once. There are ducks where the ripples are but I couldn't get a close enough shot of them.
As you can see, the lake is actually way down now. It should be all water to where the lighter colored brush is. 
We walked around to the point (in the picture before last) and I took a picture of the lake around the point. 
We then walked back. The walk back is a lot tougher since it is all up hill but gives you a better work out too.


  1. Mmm Becky that walk looks delightful! And you can feel so virtuous having done it too...

  2. I believe walking through the forest with Romeo is a good exercise.
    I also restart jogging last month.

  3. Your local area looks somewhat similar to our "Fleet Pond" that I once wrote about - although on a grander scale. It looks very peaceful. I'd like that. I'm a country boy at heart and I hate big cities. Our reservoirs are also at a very low level because we have had two very dry Winters in a row.

  4. I love your area! We live in Western Washington and have lots of trees and stuff here. No creek where we live, but wow! The view is awesome. We have a small country parcel and we love it. We usually take the dogs (well actually we have to start that up again) out to Ft. Lewis and walk all the trails there each Sunday afternoon. Really peaceful and such great exercise.


  5. You have a gorgeous area to walk in anyway...and Im sure alot of great sights to see too!

  6. Thats a lovely walk - I grew up in the country and when I read things like this I sometimes think it might be time to move back.

  7. Enjoy your walks... I love walkin through the woods. How nice the lake is so close. Love it.

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