Monday, January 3, 2011

What to do with 6 bags of cranberries...

So this week at one of our local grocery stores they had bags of cranberries marked down to $ .50, and me being me, I got 6 bags. Then I went scrambling around on the Internet trying to find out how to use them.
I started with these the next day; cranberry muffins. These were really good and I would make these again any time (if I ever have cranberries again).

Today was the big cranberry day though. Here are the things I made: cranberry waffles

These were really good as well and I will definitely be keeping this recipe.
Cranberry juice. This was pretty easy to make and if the cranberries are on sale again this week, I will get some just to make more juice.

Cranberry sauce--hopefully. Just waiting to see if it jells but I don't have much luck with that lately. I used my strainer that I bought at the flea market for the first time with this and it worked great!

Cranberry Oatmeal Bread. This is not something I would make again. It didn't rise which is probably my fault because I put extra cranberries in it. (I just didn't want to have to cook any more cranberry things!) but I really didn't like the taste either. One of the girls says she likes it so I hope she eats it.


  1. Wow, what a bargain! Can cranberries be frozen?

  2. Cranberries actually freezer really well. You just throw them in the freezer in the original bag and use them frozen. I've got several bags in my freezer right now. Our most recent favorite- cranberry orange nut bread. My youngest has named it "Yum Bread"

  3. Great work! I can just about smell the muffins and waffles, which look perfect by the way. Cranberry juice! That was a wonderful idea! The sauce has a good color, so I hope it gels properly for you. I bet that warm bread with some butter spread on it would be really tasty!

    I'm going to try making tomato juice this year. I ran tomatoes through a blender last year and called it tomato sauce, but it was really tomato juice with seeds. It's delicious to drink though! I guess I'll need a juicer of some sort.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Yup, they can be frozen but if I had any room in the freezer I could have saved some of them.

  5. Veggie Pak, the sauce did gel! Yeah! It looks good too. I have a juicer but I haven't used it much. I am sure the strainer that I used for the cranberry sauce would work great on tomatoes--hopefully my tomatoes will produce SOMETHING this year (I'm working on it).
    I did try the cranberry juice and was so pleased with the flavor. It does not leave your mouth all dry like the store bought ones do. I really liked it. I may go back to the store just to check and see if there are more cranberries just so I can make more juice!

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