Saturday, January 29, 2011

This Weeks Thrift Store Find

Let me say right off that I love enamelware! And I don't have enough of it! However, the problem with finding enamelware is that it stains and once the enamel part chips, it rusts so finding a nice piece in the thrift store is pretty unusual. I do have a stockpot that is a beige colored enamelware that I use all the time. Anyway, today in the thrift store I saw this beautiful large milk bucket stuck under one of the tables. I snatched it up and looked at the price $5.49 so my first thought was that the inside must be very bad. Here is what I found when I opened it!
 I only found one other on the Internet and it is missing the lid. That site says that their milk bucket was found in a 200 year old house (I am not fooled. That doesn't make the milk bucket that old).
Anyway, I love the look of this bucket. Perhaps it will sit in the kitchen by my butter churn until I con Phil into getting that goat.


  1. Nice find! I love the thrift stores. It would make a fine counter top compost bucket!

  2. That's true and I could use one too, right now we just have a small bucket.

  3. WOW, you did score! I too love enamel ware and to find a piece in such nice shape is rare and for that price, WOW, just WOW!

    Thanks for visiting our blog, I hope we'll see you back on a regular basis :o) Loving your blog, we'll be back*wink*


  4. That looks a lot like the chamber pot my grandmother kept. lol Great find, though!

  5. I worried about that, lol, but after looking inside, I knew it hadn't been used for that. It is a lot bigger than the chamber pots my great aunt had.