Sunday, April 9, 2017


Phil made some progress on the boat yesterday. He got some pressure treated wood and tore out the old decking and put in new. Plus a compartment for storage. We'll have to wait until next week to look into getting new seats, battery, cover, water-proof lights for the trailer (they are broken) etc.


  1. Wow, you guys are lucky to have been given a boat!! I'd take a fixer-upper any day. We were planning on buying one this spring, because we love to fish also and it's hard to find good shore fishing around here since all the land is private. But, as per usual, life got in the way and the money is going to something else that is needed! We're still keeping an eye out though for something used and needing fixing. The progress looks great!

  2. How exciting for you! A free boat, even if a fixer upper, well there's nothing wrong with that. I'd take one too (and we don't have water around us, ha). Good job and I need to catch up on your blog.

  3. Hey Becky, good progress. An access door is a good touch. You will have lots of fun when you put it in the water.