Monday, August 17, 2015

This is what happens....

when I don't get to collect the eggs for a couple days. I haven't even counted them all. I took three dozen to work the other day to give to one of the rangers, I will take more this week and hope to give them away to a few more co-workers. I have some neighbors who I am sure could use some. I know, I know, I should sell them but I have a rule...I don't sell to neighbors and friends. I used to have a neighbor who would make me take money for them...I hated that.

Anyway, being home for 4 days a week, I have had a chance to crochet again.  I have always loved to crochet and used to do a lot of it when my kids were little and I was home. Now I have a lot of spare time at home and work (and they don't mind if I crochet as long as the shop looks good and is taken care of) so I have listed things on I don't really care if they all sell but I am having a lot of fun doing it again. I tend to jump from one project to another but that is part of the fun. Here is my etsy shop.
Right now I am working on some cute things for babies and should have them listed as soon as my safety eyes come in.
Other than that I am not doing a lot but Phil did get the pallet fence in the back yard rebuilt yesterday so the dogs will stop getting out now. I would go get a picture of it for you but it is trying to rain outside.
I have managed to get my little pond mostly cleaned out and a pump going in it to aerate the water but there are no fish in it now. I do have a few frogs that are living in it happily though.
Phil, Michelle and I did take another hike yesterday but had to do a smaller trail that was only a little over 2 miles because it was threatening to rain and actually did sprinkle big drops on us for about half the trail but that only helped to keep us cooler as it was about 95 F here yesterday.
So that's it, nothing exciting but I am keeping busy.


  1. When I go up to the Cabin I don't collect eggs for 3-5 days...too long of a wait...I always come home to broken eggs in the nest. I now have a granddaughter collect them and she gets to share with the neighborhood she lives in...very popular little girl when Grandma's out of town!

  2. Wow lots of eggs. I would be eating so many eggs every day if I had that many.

  3. Oh my gosh, Becky! I would love to collect that many eggs at one time! But what would I do with all those eggs? So glad ya'll are getting some of this rain! We've been getting a lot for the past couple of days. The temp is much cooler, albeit muggy! Hopefully before long, you'll have everything in the yard back together. I will check out the crochet shop. Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  4. Hi Becky, nice collection of eggs. Do you ever freeze eggs? I've heard of it being done. 95? Yikes, I would never make it in Texas.