Monday, December 22, 2014

The Dust Collectors

We live on a dirt road so everything collects dust. I don't like to dust, very seldom ever have time for it, so it...collects. My kerosene lamp collection sits on the entertainment center in the living room. So far it has been safe there from the cats (though the knick-knacks on the shelf below them...were not); they have not been safe from the dust. So today's job was to dust the entertainment center which meant taking all the lamps down, washing the shades and then washing the bases.
I have to admit though, they are much prettier when they are all shiny though you might not be able to tell from my phone picture (plus it is a dreary raining dark day).

There are seven lamps, a crystal candle holder and one odd oil burner thing up on top, though you can't see the ones in the back and there are actually four more lamps on the shelves below (sorry, someday I will get a new camera).

All of the lamps are usable though the small ones are not exactly major light producing. The larger lamps have often come in handy during power outages though I don't know how much we will need them now that we have a generator but you never know, generators all run out of gas eventually.

Maybe tomorrow I will move on to the dust collectors in the kitchen which happen to be all chickens. I decorated my kitchen with chickens and my sister has never gotten over it. She give me heaps of chicken stuff every year which I have no idea what to do with, consequently there are chicken dust collectors all over the kitchen.


  1. Hi Becky, I like your lamps, I use my oil lamps all the time, even when the generator is going. Waking in the morning and dark, the oil lamp doesn't blind you. My town cabin is on a dirt road, there are 4 people on the road who think they have to drive fast and raise dust.

  2. my friend got a Scottie. People gave her Scotties on everything. She finally gave in and had a Scottie bathroom. I wish I have chicken things for my kitchen.

    I had one neighbor in the city who refused to pay for paving in front of their house, so the front door or windows on that side of the house could not be opened.

  3. We have a chicken collection, over the years my mother in law has bought be chicken related stuff, it has now become a bit much, the latest was an oil painting a large one of a cockeral, still not found anywere to put it.