Monday, August 15, 2011

A Dozen Baby Quail

Yesterday's hatch resulted in a dozen baby quail. I could not get them all in one picture. Also in this picture is the one pheasant that I hatched plus one half grown quail that is the only one left from the 5 that I hatched not too long ago. I had those 5 in an outside brooder and something killed 4 of them. I found this one left in the brooder and brought it in. He/she (can't tell yet) could walk when I brought him/her in but can't seem to anymore. Its legs move fine so we'll just wait and see. It does seem to like the baby quail just fine and, of course, they think that one is "mama". The pheasant chick totally ignores all of them and just constantly jumps at the side of the brooder. The baby quail all seem to be doing fine although some are quite small and normally I wouldn't expect the little ones to make it but so far so good. They are all active and seem to be eating and drinking just fine.


  1. You do suffer a high proportion of casualties with your poultry, don't you? Not many of my blogging friends have to defend their livestock from as many predators!

  2. I don't know. I am on a chicken forum and hear about people losing their flocks to dogs, raccoons, foxes, hawks even one who loses a lot to rats in her barn. The snakes have been bad the last couple years but then I am hatching a lot more now too and the peeping really draws the snakes attentions. I am hoping with a brooder inside now that it won't be as bad. I actually hardly lost any birds until these last few years, not sure why it is worse now.

  3. We lost several hens to ravens this spring. Seems the cold, wet spring was not good for the wild grouse population, which in turn left many hungry ravens looking for other fare. We were able to replenish our flock with some 4 week old hen chicks which, between the dog and myself guarding them as they begin to explore the coop run, will hopefully keep the family in eggs come Christmas time! In the meantime I'm only getting 2 eggs a day from 4 older hens. Better than none though, and waaay better than strore bought!
    Love your blog, Becky! Take care!

  4. I am getting an egg a day from the ducks and some assorted bantam eggs plus more quail eggs than I know what to do with (I will likely pickle some since the incubator is full). I have some red hens growing and should be laying any day now but so far, nothing.
    Oh that bigger quail in there has been trying to get on its feet more lately. I believe it will eventually recover.