Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Update About Nothing

So it is my vacation. We aren't doing anything and that is the way I like it. Phil does still have to work. It also is my last weekend with my little grandson, his dad and my daughter-in-law before they are gone to Texas so every moment is precious. It is Tuesday and I feel like I haven't really done a thing; none of the things I said I was going to get done this week anyway.  I could give my my excuses but lets just keep it simple.
Tomatoes are still growing and we seem to have chased the deer away but we don't have many because they kind of had to start growing all over again.

 There is a squash on the volunteer squash plant in the old compost pile. The vine grew a runner out on the lawn (which Phil cut off!) and then grew another right up over the new compost bin and down the other side so I haven't seen any more squash besides this one but there might be some in the bushes on the other side of the compost bin.
The monster meat birds are still in the pen. They were my major task for this vacation. Maybe I will do a few tomorrow or Thursday or, heck, maybe this weekend but I do know I need to get going on that (we are almost out of chicken!).

I have two pens of quail now and several eggs in the incubator. I will likely be culling male quail as soon as I can tell which are the males in the second pen.
We have another snake. I know he is there because he left me 4 dead birds this morning. Three chicks in the outdoor brooder and one black tailed white Japanese bantam hen which he tried to eat and couldn't; you can always tell by the slime on the head of the bird. I am glad he was not big enough to eat it but it scares me that he was big enough to think he could eat it. I spread the "Snake Stop" powder but if I find the snake, you'll know because I will have a picture of him without his head. I have been out to check on the birds several times today but Mr. Snake hasn't stuck his head out yet.
That is really all that is going on here. Don't give up on that pine needle basket, it is on my "agenda" for this week too (ok, stop laughing!) along with the yogurt that I have to make tomorrow and a few other things.


  1. If that's a vacation, I wonder what you do when you're "working"...

  2. Those monster meat birds are quite charming...

    Martin :)

  3. I stepped in the pen with my flip flops on the other day and that big one in the first picture took offense and pecked my foot several time. He was not too charming right then and I was not too charming back, lol.
    My vacations are for catching up on things that need doing here and I value the time but have not been feeling well these last two days. I'll have to get going tomorrow.
    I did make fried chicken today from our own chicken legs and thighs. When my son saw them he immediately said, "Jesus Christ!".

  4. I had to go read about your Pine Needle Basket and now I'm tempted but I guess I'll shelve it for Autumn :)
    Enjoy your vacation.