Sunday, January 14, 2024

Easy Healthy Meal- Using your peppers and shallots

 I have been making sure that we actually eat the stuff that was grown in the garden last year. Sometimes when you aren't used to using all these new ingredients that you now have on hand, you just tend not to use them. Peppers is one of those ingredients for us but the other night Phil thought to put some in the fried potatoes he was making and tonight I put it into our subs. 
We really like subs made with this meat:

It is simple and easy to use and cooks up quick. Normally we just cook it put it in the rolls with cheese and mayo and that's it but today I was cooking....

I went to the garden and pulled a couple shallots. They aren't big but I use the whole plant and the stems are pretty long right now. I chopped them up and then added a bunch of peppers from my freezer bag of peppers from the garden (I have a lot more pepper seeds started for next year) and I added in some mushrooms that I got marked down (they needed to be used up or dehydrated). 

 So you cook them in just a few spoons of butter or margarine and then add the frozen meat. 

As the meat cooks it breaks apart into thin strips. 

Now I am not going to tell you that the salad came from my garden, cause I don't have any lettuce out there right now (there is lettuce growing in the greenhouse but not enough for a salad...yet) but it had tomatoes, snow peas (marked down) and carrots in with the lettuce mix cause that is what I had in the house and it was really good. 

So while this isn't the most self sufficient meal I have ever made, I am working on it here at the new house. This was just about using up some peppers and shallots from the garden. 

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